Get your Sci Jam on!

Samir Soares (Liverpool Universities' SSAGO)

Tuesday 28th of November 2017

Last weekend members of Liverpool SSAGO helped run the University of Liverpool Science Jamboree 2017, where students planned and ran activities for almost 600 beavers, cubs and brownies helping the children complete various activity badges. This year the event was over two days with some helping out on both!

Down in the trenches we had LUSSAGO members running activities, doing media, first aid and on the organising committee of Sci Jam. The range of activities put on by students in LUSSAGO and the rest of the university were amazing, from a number-fun escape room to bottle rockets, colour wheels and egg parachuting.

Our mascot Boris the Lambanana tried out many of these activities on both days although unfortunately I have to report that he is still in one piece despite many of us trying. (See the video at the end)

The science jamboree was a blast with everyone enjoying it so much with already great feedback coming back to us from all that participated, all the more better taste that drink in the pub on Sunday was.

Now... onto next year!

Mascot Boris tries the parachute