SSAGO Archive Weekend

Larah Korrison (National SSAGO)

Sunday 6th of October 2019

SSAGO's first Archive weekend was filled with fascinating history and progressing with a digital repository.

Did you know?

  • >SSAGO rallies were originally week long annual summer camps and had a strong service crew element to them
  • >The first SSAGO exec mascot was the treasurer bunny
  • >There used to be two separate organisations: Inter-Varsity and Inter-Collegiate. One was for Universities and the other for training colleges and Polytechnics
  • >SSAGO has gone through a variety of newsletters including: Kudu, SSAGO Journal, Bulletin and SSAGO News 

These are just a few things we know from SSAGO’s Archives!

At SSAGO’s first archiving weekend we had an exciting opportunity to explore physical and digital items from the collection. We got to have a look at SSAGO pennants, these were given out to participants at rallies, until it changed to badges sometime between the 1980s and 1990s.

The SSAGO Archive Team are working with the Webmaster to create a digital repository, so you can view, explore and enjoy all of SSAGO’s materials at the comfort of your sofa.

At the weekend we talked about how this might function, look like and logistically work with our skills and knowledge. Most importantly we wanted to find a way that will last for years to come.

The weekend was a great success and we’re now going through file by file to rename, organise and make sure they are ready before they are imported into the repository. From there, members can log in and help us add details about the document. All of these steps will ultimately help people find what they are looking for, or even just come across something unexpected!

Thank you to the hard work from everyone who came along and if you are interested to get involved join our Facebook group and/or email